Monday, February 20, 2012

an experiment in the dark

I wrote a poem a year or two or three or something ago. Then, I forgot about it (more or less). Then, not so long ago, I was twaddling around at the piano, and jotted down a tune. Then I discovered this afternoon that the poem and the tune sort of ... match. I don't write songs, so this startled me slightly.

However, I'm not sure if the music is too melancholy for the words. What do you think? 

^(These two sentences constitute the main purpose of this blog post. NeedyMe needs to know.)

(The poem is below the video, for your analytical use; the chances of my actually recording myself singing are fantastically low, and I'm not apologizing.) Forgive the abysmal audio quality. Please?

(Oh, and I'm using this hibernating blog because I couldn't find anywhere else that would upload this video file. I fail at technology.)

I die to live: how strange a thing: 
And blood can set me free;
My lifeless tongue will learn to sing,
Glad slave of liberty.

I live to die: how great the cost:
Two natures war within;
How long the road, how dark the cross,
How fiercely clings my sin.

Through fire gold is purified:
In pain must healing start;
And so to suffering now, my Lord,
I yield my trembling heart.